When teens are in crisis, we are all in crisis. We must come together to provide the comfort and safety during their greatest time of need.

Frustration. Fear. Anxiety.  Hopelessness. Confusion. Isolation. Desperation. 

These are just some of the emotions you experience when you are worried about a loved one, or worse, they are in immediate crisis.

Known by many of her clients as “the Fixer for Families," Julie has the gift of helping navigate this emotional terrain with her warmth and empathy while also developing a strategic care plan to meet the needs of individuals, families and communities.

Julie, who is valued for her relatability, her candor and her discretion, offers the following crisis care and crisis response services.

In-Home Support +
Crisis Care

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Community Crisis

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In-Home Family Support Care + Crisis Care

When a loved one is in crisis, it means you are in crisis. Your emotions will up, down and all around.  One minute you may feel anger and then relief, followed by sadness and then love and then anger again and more sadness … and just about everything in between. 

Julie offers two levels of discreet, confidential in-home individual and family care to address behavioral and emotional needs and mental health concerns: In-Home Support and In-Home Crisis Care. Both options are based on the philosophy that individuals - specifically children, adolescents and the aging - are best supported in their home and community. Services can include:

  • Comprehensive and timely assessment and delivery. 
  • Individualized, strengths-based treatment plans.
  • Therapeutic family and individual interventions
  • Child, adolescent and parent coaching, psych-education and skills development.
  • Safety and coping skills development and planning.
  • Care advocacy and coordination, planing and and post-care plan.
  • Case management and transitional living support. 
  • Post-care follow-up session
  • 24-hour immediate crisis support and response for crisis care families.
  • Discreet delivery of therapeutic services in the family home by Julie Smith, a Qualified Mental Health Professional.

For more information or to schedule, contact our offices, or, if in imminent need, please call us at 206-569-5099. 


Crisis Response for Schools + Communities

An adolescent's life is centered around school. When a traumatic event, such as violence, a death, a natural disaster or a behavioral or health epidemic, teens can feel uprooted and vulnerable leaving them susceptible to behavior and mental health concerns including PTSD, anxiety, depression and anger. 

Julie can work with your school or agency to help navigate the intense feelings being experienced by both adolescents, staff and community members by providing an anchor in reality, strategic support and informed care.

Julie’s crisis response services may include: 

  • Consultation with school and key parties to build rapport and working partnerships with relevant non-profit agencies, community members and local, state and Federal government agencies.
  • Communications delivery and debriefing to aid in informing students, families and community members including answering questions and providing psych-education and coping skills.
  • Reunification support to safely and efficiently return families to one another.
  • Community education development and delivery to help increase awareness of PTSD and share safety skills, coping strategies and post-care resources.
  • On-the-spot individual therapeutic support including  identifying and meeting with students and other individuals at risk for intense grief reactions. In some cases, counseling triage may be established on-site. 

For more information or to schedule, contact our offices, or, if in imminent need, please call us at 206-569-5099. 


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