"We are passionate about igniting courageous conversations and
to provide trauma-sensitive support for adolescents, young adults and the elderly."

         ~ Julie Smith, founder of Behind our Behavior


Work with Julie

Julie Smith has a strength in bringing together community-based organizations and individuals to address and develop trauma-informed programming and systems that are responsive to the diverse needs and interests of teens and the elderly.
A few of the way to work with Julie and her team include: 

Behavioral Analysis

We specialize in studying people, especially adolescents and the elderly. With behavioral interpretation and analysis, Julie and her team analyze patterns, habits, and norms of individuals or groups to help understand, predict, and address behavior. This can be used to identify both individual and organization needs, such as mental and emotional health or concerns such as addictive behaviors, aggressive behavior reduction, and classroom or organizational structure. The findings are beneficial in developing prevention and intervention programs.

Program Design

Together, we will create and implement a custom, trauma-informed risk reduction, public awareness and/or prevention program that address six principles of trauma-informed program (Trauma Understanding, Safety & Stability, Cultural Humility & Responsiveness, Compassion & Dependability, Collaboration & Empowerment, Resilience & Recovery) and promotes self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible problem solving skills that meets the needs of your school, organization or community.

Trauma + Crisis Response

When a child, parent, team or community is in crisis, everyone is in crisis. We provide confidential care to support individuals and organizations when trauma, behavioral concerns and mental health issues escalate and feel unmanageable and unsafe. Care may include intensive psychotherapy, therapeutic interventions, skills development, victim assistance, and post-care planning. Immediate crisis response services are available during a tragedy, disaster or crises to provide on-location, trauma-responsive interventions and support.

Workshops + Training

Our virtual and live trainings and workshops help educators, mental health professionals, businesses, law enforcement and other caring professionals understand behavioral motivations and identify social-emotional red flags and risk factors to develop trauma-sensitive action plans that support a culture of acceptance and resiliency.

To view our signature workshops and training, please visit our Speaking page.


Psychotherapy, Coaching + Care Management

Behind our Behavior founder, Julie Smith, a licensed psychotherapist, sees a select number of clients from around the world both virtually, on location and in office to understand behavioral motivations, address trauma, manage mental health needs and promote healing. To inquire about availability and rates, please contact us.

 Want Customized Support?

All our packages are tailor to meet your needs. Whether you are looking for market research, media consulting or more, if what you want isn’t listed above, let's chat as we can develop customized support for your needs.  Simply email us at to [email protected] or click the icon to schedule a no-cost, no obligation chat.


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